Regfish Dyndns with DD-WRT

Regfish DDNS Anfrage in Wireshark

To reach your computer at home not only with the IP you need a Dyndns/DDNS account at a provider. In the past, the preferred provider was But without to deposit your credit card number you can’t get a free account. The better choise is to spend a few dollars at a provider like Regfish. Here it is possible to make your home computer available at a top-level-domain e.g.

The configuration example for regfish at the DD-WRT Website doesn’t work. But you can read here, that the DD-WRT software for dydns updates is INADYN. The regfish DNS service is well documented. It’s quiet easy to perform a request with your browser and capture it with wireshark.

It is obvious that the GET request needs a precending „/“. Also there add the forcehost option which creates the domain name if he doesn’t exist. The result are the following account data, entered in the DD-WRT Setup > DDNS menu:

  • DDNS Service: Custom
  • DYNDNS Server:
  • User Name: nobody
  • Password: nobody
  • Host Name: <domain> (e.g.
  • URL: /?fqdn=<domain>.&thisipv4=1&token=<regfish token>&forcehost=1&

The & because of INADYN is adding the value of the host name field. You don’t need to change the other options. The update should now performed successful.

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  1. hallo,

    ich baue gerade eine lösung, die von meiner fritzbox die aktuelle ip-adresse simuliert auf domainfactory „hochlädt“. wenn ein dyndns-request auf meinem server (lokal) ertellt wird, muß ich ein paket an die fritzbox zurückschicken. es ist mir nach stundenlangem rumsurfen ein „good“ (direkt an die fritzbox) aufgefallen. es funktioniert nicht.. kannst du mir dabei helfen? vielen dank! 😉

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